The second phase of the operation when determining the probable market value of the property involves the identification of a new project with the purpose of system of the account of it in the portfolio of the user and input the basic characteristics of the studied object, on awarding him the geo-coordinates and run the algorithm search for analogs.

The interface stage provides the unconditional information in the following fields:

  • "Select measurement date".

The date of implementation of the assessment can be any calendar date from 1 January 2018.

  • "The title of the project".

Field text format. Allows the input of text in any content. Is used to identify the project.

  • Enter the address of the object of evaluation".

This eld is used to determine the geographical coordinates of the evaluated object by geocoding the address tools GIS "UVECON" and Google maps. Field involved in the algorithm search for analogs, for which the user must enter the address of the object of evaluation in Ukrainian or Russian languages starting with the street name and house number. Then must be selected that proposed by Google maps. In the case of a false or inaccurate result of the search object on the map, its location must be updated independently by dragging the marker to the desired point on the map.

In the case of absence in the database of Google maps information about the locality - the location of the object of study, search its address can be done by manually entering the settlement name in the search field on the map. But, even in the case of application of the mechanism for manual search, filling in a field “Enter the address of the object of evaluation” is mandatory.

  • "NACE".

NACE - State classifier of objects of an administrative-territorial structure of Ukraine. Code NACE is determined and automatically populated, its value depends on the geographic location of the subject property.

  • "View listings".

Select from the directory GIS "UVECON" type of property (apartments or houses) which refers to the object of evaluation.

  • "House type".

Select from the directory GIS "UVECON" type house where the valuation object is located. The diversity of types of housing in the real estate market of Ukraine, the variety of design decisions of the modern period sometimes does not allow the expert to correctly identify the type of household. With the aim of unification and systematization of the accumulated information in the database geographic information system applied the following classifier types of households:

    • Cottage - low-rise residential building with a plot of land, designed to stay in the warm time of the year. In the country usually, there is no complete heating system; water supply system and Sewerage simplified or non-existent. The most common materials for summer houses are timber frame construction, timber or logs of small diameter. Usually holiday homes have a small area and, as a rule, are located in horticultural associations.
    • Building or part of a low-rise residential building is a small square plot of land, built, as a rule, before the 1990s, the House is designed for permanent residence of one family; may have a broad or partial (furnace heating, no water supply, and sanitation) communication. The walls of the house can be built of timber, chopped logs, bricks, concrete blocks, etc. Usually, the house located in the village.
    • Cottage - a low-rise residential building of modern construction (after the 1990s), an area of usually more than 100 square meters, with a fenced plot of land in which he lives permanently or temporarily one family. Its construction and internal decoration usually use high-quality materials. The number of floors variable, usually 2 - 3 floors. For cottages typical individual planning, the availability of surrounding land, garage, modern architecture, and modern landscape design. A distinctive feature of the cottages is complete ensure all necessary communications and modern heating system for year-round living, with fireplace. In the most prestigious cottage uses a system of "smart house". In the fenced area can accommodate a guest house, pool, Alpine slides, gazebos. Cottages can be located both in the city and beyond. Often located in cottage settlements, infrastructure, which includes checkpoint, hour security, maintenance service. The territory of the cottage village has convenient access roads and usually fenced. Cottages can be attributed Vila estate.
    • The townhouse is a comfortable dwelling house, which consists of several interconnected multi-level objects with separate entrances, but the only internal walls that are home to one family. To the townhouse adjoins a small plot of land, Parking or garage. The "Townhouse" classified under the category of "Duplex" - a budget option for a country house, usually divided into two Autonomous partitions common wall, that is, it is a house with two apartments with two independent entrances. Each family has its own porch, your driveway, your garage, adjacent to the side wall and its land. Townhouses and duplexes may be located in cities and a short distance from him, in the suburbs. Can stay also in a cottage village, the area is fenced, has security and is necessary for permanent living infrastructure.
  • "Wall material”.

Select from the directory GIS "UVECON" material of the walls of the house - the object of evaluation. Some positions, such as "monolith", "block", are a generalization of certain types of materials in accordance with the method of production.

  • "Year built”.

Select the period of construction of household - valuation of the object from the directory GIS "UVECON":

    • to 1960;
    • from 1960 to 1979;
    • from 1980 to 1989.;
    • from 1990 to 2000;
    • from 2001 to 2010;
    • from 2011 to 2015;
    • after 2015;
    • during the construction phase

  • "Common area”.

The total area of the object of evaluation the unit of measurement is a square meter.

  • "Land area”.

The total area of the land plot on which the house is located in the unit of measure is hectare.