In the face of economic uncertainty in our country, the business must consider all possible consequences of changes in domestic and foreign markets, actions of competitors and many other factors.

However, even the most successful business strategy can damage a distorted, incomplete or received too late information.

Lack of information increases the risks of income, loss of their resources and increasing costs.

To address these problems, specialists of group of companies "UVECON" offer to their Customers analyses of economic sectors and business.

Having Analytics and using that data as a Foundation, You opens up opportunities for business and the right investments.

Our long experience and cooperation with leading research institutions: the Institute of Economics and forecasting of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of socio-economic development of the city, Institute a system of statistical research is Your guarantee of reliability and professionalism.

Universal engineering study branches of business and economy, which use our experts will enable You to obtain comprehensive information in the shortest time and most importantly at the right price.

We invite You to view cutting-edge research, industries, Economics and sociology, science and technology, analytical reviews of markets and different spheres of human activity, specialized literature and textbooks.

In addition, in our online store You can order your desired research or analytical review of any market, branches of economy and business.

Pre ordering is carried out after clicking "Order now" button by entering the required information in the template form. In the next two working days to the specified email address You will receive our offer that must contain the structure of the research, the cost and period of performance.

Order fulfillment will begin immediately after the signing of the agreement.

The ordered document You will be able to receive e-mail as download links, in printed form at the Head office of the group of companies "UVECON" at the address: Kyiv, vul.Bolsunovskaya,8 or delivered to the Department "New mail".

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Partner, business development of group of companies "UVECON" - Alexander Korobko