The group of companies "Forkis" was established in 1991.

On the basis of the license master agreements and Certificates of the company since 1991 active in the market of consulting services and provide a range of professional services in the areas of assessment, business planning, financial management, legal support, audit.

The company's specialists had training in Kiev, Washington, Leipzig: business consulting skills, project management; and managers Internationalen final management; have 4 certified appraisers of property, property rights and business of the Ukrainian society of appraisers, 7 foreign certificates 2 certificates of the appraiser of the land.

Since 2007, the company actively participates in the market for valuation services for lending purposes. To date, the company was accredited by 6 banks for the Execution of evaluations on objects in the Nikolaev and Kherson region (for immovable property).