NASU Institute for Economics and Forecasting

NASU Institute for Economics and Forecasting is the successor of the Institute of economic forecasting of NAS of Ukraine, created with the aim of ensuring the development of strategic forecasts and programs of socio-economic development of Ukraine.

The Institute is headed by Valery Heyets.

The main task of the Institute is to conduct fundamental and applied research in the following areas:
  • economic theory;
  • modeling and forecasting economic development;
  • monetary relations;
  • public Finance;
  • Finance the real sector;
  • economic growth and structural changes in the economy;
  • Economics and organization of high technologies;
  • development of industrial infrastructure;
  • industrial policy;
  • technological forecasting and innovative policy;
  • sectoral forecasts and market conditions;
  • Economics and policy of agrarian transformations;
  • forms and methods of management in agribusiness;
  • monitoring of socio-economic transformations of the Ukrainian society;
  • economic history;
  • socio-economic problems of labor;
  • management of the economy;
  • spatial economic development and local government.

On this basis, developed methods and directions of development of economic systems, strategic forecasts and programs of development of economy of Ukraine.