Institute for System Statistical Studies

Institute for System Statistical Studies is an independent research and educational centre aimed at the implementation of fundamental and applied interdisciplinary research in the field of economic and social statistics, and related areas of knowledge, focused on the use of modern methodology and technology for collecting, processing, storing, summarizing and disseminating statistical information about the processes and phenomena occurring in economic and social life of the state and its regions.

The purpose of the activity:

  • conducting fundamental and applied interdisciplinary researches which provide holistic approach to the statistical study of socio-economic phenomena and processes in real conditions of time and space;
  • development of scientific bases of statistical control government and business, social and economic processes in society;
  • for national, interregional and international comparisons of socio-economic situation and development levels, with the aim of providing users with scientifically sound, objective basis for making management decisions that will help accelerate the process of Ukraine's integration into the economic space of the EU and world markets;
  • formation of conceptual bases of a new direction of statistical Sciences "statistics of national security and defence", the implementation of which will facilitate the formation of institutional and organizational mechanism for fundamentally new economic policy, focused on adequate answers military-political and economic challenges;
  • the applied sociological surveys regarding the point of view of the citizens of Ukraine and other countries regarding the state of the economy, relations with other countries, civil life, society's attitude to power and her actions in various spheres of interaction between authorities and business;
  • the implementation of research, training, consulting projects and ensuring on this basis the conditions for in-depth training with statistics, which should contribute to improving competitiveness, according to the priority directions of development of economic science and education.