The Center for Urban Land Management and Economics

The Center for Urban Land Management and Economics - a consulting firm founded in 1996.

Main directions of activity: provision of services to business entities, executive bodies and local self-government bodies on issues of management and development of urban land, investment activity, development and valuation of immovable property, its taxation; preparation of training programs on privatization, evaluation of land and another real estate, development.

Specialists of the Center carry out practical activities in the region:
  • expert appraisal of real estate for the purpose of privatization, purchase and sale, mortgage, financial reporting; mass assessment of urban land for tax purposes;
  • analysis and forecast of the development of real estate markets in the cities of Ukraine;
  • substantiation of the most effective use of vacant and built up land plots;
  • development of training programs and conducting of seminars and training "Estimation of land plots. (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan), "Determination of the market value of agricultural land" (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan), "Analysis of the most effective use" (Ukraine), "Estimation of real estate for lending purposes" (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan) , "Determination of the value of land rights in real estate valuation" (Ukraine), "Development: urban planning and project effectiveness assessment" (Ukraine), "Practice of valuation of immovable property in accordance with International Standards of Assessment" (Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan), "Prоblems the determination and assessment of the mortgage "(Ukraine, Kazakhstan)," Methods and models for assessing property and property rights (Ukraine).
  • Implementation of international projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development "Sale of non-agricultural land for enterprises of Ukraine" (1997-1999), "Land reforms in Kyrgyzstan" (2001-2005), "Reform of the legislative and normative base of Ukraine in the field of agriculture farms "(2006)," Land reform and land market development in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan "(2006-2007); Improvement of organizational and legal and methodological support for the formation and evaluation of real estate objects during privatization and management of state property (2011-2012).

The Head of the Center for Urban Managment and Economics is Dapikovsky Alexander.