Ukrainian society of appraisers

Ukrainian society of appraisers was established in 1994 as a professional Association of experts in the field of evaluation.

The society in its status is a nationwide organization with regional and territorial offices in twenty three regions of Ukraine and in Sevastopol.

Ukrainian society of appraisers is the first in Ukraine public organization of professional valuers, which since its creation is aimed at the development of the profession and to create conditions for the improvement of the economy of the country.

The first steps of DOE began the development and adoption of “standards of professional activities in Ukraine” and to be proactive in making the profession “auditor” in the state classifier of professions. Experts of the Ukrainian society of appraisers was made by developers of educational programs for training specialists in the area of evaluation and co-creation of the early assessment methods.

Another important activity of the Ukrainian society of appraisers has been and remains purposeful work on implementation of international methodology of evaluation.

The Commission on the methodology and standards of evaluation that has worked for many years in UTO, directly involved in the development of national evaluation standards.

In the direction of increase of competitiveness of Ukrainian appraisers in 2004, Ukrainian society began work on certification of the European group of valuers of assets. Each evaluator took the exam, receives a certificate and personal seal of the European group of valuers of assets.