Principles of GIS "UVECON"

Geoinformation system "UVECON" is a system designed to collect, store, analyze and visualize spatial data and related information on available real estate.

GIS "UVECON" provides:
  • In the automatic mode and any frequency shaping and updating database with dataset – approximately 800 thousand pieces of real estate.
  • Automatic cleaning of false information ("statistical noise"), geocode samples and the distribution of data segments, types and classes of property, a grouping of database objects over the area.
  • Adding features to a map geoportal and joining areas of pricing.

Features GIS "UVECON" are:
  • The accuracy of formation of the price parameters, which is achieved by maximum crushing of the territory of Ukraine on administrative units (in total - more than 10 thousand), within the major cities of the polygons whose boundaries are determined by the characteristics historically, the type of buildings or areas of pricing (just over 3 thousand). For example, Kyiv city is divided into 376 polygons, Kharkov – 259, Zaporozhye – 216 and T. I.
  • The function geocode (binding of geographical coordinates to each address in the ads) that allows you to:
    • instantly and accurately selected analogs of the sales (lease) of the property that is the subject of the study;
    • at any discrete point in time to determine the range of possible prices for an array of objects of real estate, thereby to carry out a mass reassessment or determine the level of compliance of the collateral property or own fixed assets and market price;
    • by applying a method of spatial interpolation to cover a geographic territory of Ukraine, which does not have data on the cost of real estate sales, data on the cost of similar polygons that have similar characteristics and parameters.

The process of accumulation and processing of data system involves the following procedures:
  • The collection and structuring of data:
    • data collection program the parser from open sources 1 time a month;
    • data on more than 800 thousands of objects from more than 135 sources collected at the database level using SQL scripts and PL/pgSQL procedures are structured and are segmented by the classifier property.
  • Geocoding of data:
    • the system seeks the help of API service geocoding with Google Maps Geocoding;
    • are defined by geographical coordinates;
    • bind data to areas of administrative division of Ukraine.
  • Verification and validation of data:
    • automatic processing to determine validity;
    • analysis and elimination of errors;
    • monthly analytical data processing