Registration and billing

Work with a calculator available on prior registration of users of the corporate website of the group of companies "UVECON" and is carried out using an electronic personal account.

Users of the Cabinet are asked to select the status options, namely the "Manager" of the company (legal entity) or "expert" (individual).
  • The user who chose the option of registration of the company in the process is logged, also, and personally and has a status of "Manager" with the appropriate rights:
    • to edit information about the company;
    • edit personal information;
    • to work as an "expert";
    • add and edit report templates", "analytical forms", etc.;
    • invite letter generated on the website, other users of the company's employees to operate the system in the role of "expert". In addition, the "Manager" has the ability to create an account for "experts" of the company by hand;
    • to manage invited "experts", including to have access to viewing and editing of documents, reports, forms, etc.;
    • to view statistics for the whole company and for each of the "experts".
Thus, the system provides the possibility of working groups of individuals within a single company under the control of the supervisor.

  • The visitor, who chose the way of registration as an"expert" (individual user), after the completion of the registration process acquires the role of "expert" and can work in the system independently within a single account.
The fullness of his rights corresponds to the role "Manager" of the company.

To be eligible for continuation of work with the "Calculator estimator" should refer to the menu item "finances" and select one of the offered tariff packages.