"House type"

The comparison criterion "House type" assigns the building in which the object of evaluation or equivalent, to a specific series, categories, and time development.

The diversity of types of housing in the real estate market of Ukraine, including battering buildings of the Soviet era and the variety of design decisions of the modern period, sometimes does not allow the expert to correctly identify the type of an apartment house.

With the aim of unification and systematization of the accumulated information in the database geographic information system applied the classifier of apartment houses developed by specialists of a group of companies “UVECON”.To help identify the type of home for his outward signs, features, etc. it is possible, using the Directory of GIS information: "Types of houses".

In addition, the definition of the type of home address in the city of Kyiv and Kyiv region and get information about its characteristics and appearance is possible on the "Portal of real estate of Kiev" at the following link: http://my-realty.kiev.ua