General information

"Calculator estimator" - built-in software GIS environment "UVECON" tool, the purpose of the introduction and use of which is to assist the user of the system by entering a set of data about the condition of the property promptly obtain information on the likely market value of this facility as of the date of the request.

Input and output the original data of the object of study through the interface of the corporate web page of the group of companies "UVECON".

The base of application of the method and source of information for the selection of these properties is an array of data, aggregated, accumulated, structured and Waldman means geographic information system "UVECON". Updating is carried out not less often than once a month.

The main elements of comparison, which are used in the module, there are the characteristics of real estate are similar in their location, physical and functional characteristics, conditions of sale and the like.

In the absence of information on sale prices of similar property in a particular discrete period of time, or on specific, well-limited geographical area to determine the probable value of the object using information on the bid prices of such property in the retrospective period, or geographically remote from the object of study.

In this case, apply the relevant amendments, which take into account trends in sales prices of similar property compared with the cost proposal.

At the same time, be sure to take into account the conditions on the market of such property, which determined the formation of the sale price or quotation, as at the valuation date did not change significantly or changes that took place is certainly taken into consideration in the calculation algorithm.