Uvecon Group of Companies will provide free access to express real estate appraisal

Access to the Uvecon geographic information system GIS will be free of charge until September 2021.

This was announced by Uvecon CEO Volodymyr Shalayev.

The expert explained this decision by the fact that during the first week of operation of the service of electronic determination of the appraised value of the State Property Fund of Ukraine, citizens' appeals to other existing automated systems became more frequent.

"During the week, we received more than 2,000 appeals from individuals who faced great difficulties in obtaining reliable data on the valuation of a real estate object. Therefore, we decided to make access to the express assessment free of charge on the Uvecon geographic information system GIS within 2 months", the expert said.

He also said that as of June 2021, the number of citizens who applied to various automated assessment systems is about 40% of the total number of such applications. The vast majority of appeals to geoportals - more than 70% - concerned residential real estate, about 15% - land, 10% - commercial and about 5% of other real estate.

Volodymyr Shalayev drew attention to the fact that from 2018 to 2021 the cost of real estate valuation rose by 20-30%, which is caused by various factors, including the use of intermediary sites. Currently, the valuation of residential real estate is: apartments - 1000-2000 UAH, households - 1500-4000 UAH, commercial - 3000 UAH and more. During the work of the appraiser, as he emphasized, visiting the object and its identification is obligatory.
"Any assessment without going to the property is illegal", said the expert.

According to the expert, the cost of real estate appraisal in the next 2-3 years will depend on a number of factors, among which the degree of efficiency of automated systems will be important, because if these systems fail or press a contradictory appraisal, the involvement of an independent appraiser to resolve disputes issues are getting more expensive.

"Under Ukrainian law, the value of an appraisal does not depend on the value of real estate, but if there is a need to appraise a complex object, such as a large commercial or manufacturing enterprise, the appraisal may be much higher," Volodymyr Shalayev said.

Company information
Uvecon is a network group of appraisal and consulting companies established in 1992.

Uvecon provides professional services in business valuation and consulting, shareholdings, corporate rights; real estate (land, buildings and structures, apartments, cultural heritage sites); assets for international audit; integral property complexes; movable property (equipment and machinery, vehicles, goods in circulation, etc.); intangible assets, including rights to intellectual property (trademarks, patents, know-how, etc.); cultural heritage sites.

The information support of the appraisal is due to the Information and Analytical Center for Real Estate Market Research established in 2007. Within the framework of the Analytical Center, the All-Ukrainian unified geoinformation system for collecting, analyzing, searching and visualizing price indicators of the real estate market of Ukraine (GIS Uvekon) was created. This product is an interactive work platform for real estate market participants, which allows the Customer to work with databases and analysis results online.

Leading specialists of Uvecon companies have certificates of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors RICS and the European Association of Appraisers TEGoVA.