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Geoinformation system "UVECON"
We invite all interested professionals and citizens of Ukraine to use the Geoinformation system of collection, storage, analysis and graphical visualization of spatial data on the status of the real estate market of Ukraine. Your attention is invited to the information as of March 1, 2018.
FIABCI held its first Business Club Ukraine
28 March 2018 held its first FIABCI Business Club in Ukraine.

CEO - managing partner at the group of companies "UVECON" Vladimir Shalaev and development partner Korobko Alexander introduced the expert an interactive platform for working with data on the status of the real estate market in Ukraine - geographic information system "UVECON".
What awaits the state of the banking sector
2018 March 23 was held a regular meeting of the club of bankers, and the topic of discussion was the question of the strategic reform of the public banking sector. The meeting was attended by the leaders of the group of companies "UVECON".

It seems logical that the subject has unambiguously determined the location of the meeting – Ministry of Finance of Ukraine because it is the owner of all four state banks.
Expert opinion
The General Assembly adopted a new TEGOVA European valuation Standard (EVS 6)
During the General Assembly of TEGOVA in Marseille on 28 October 2017, 95 delegates representing 52 organizations evaluators from 29 countries overwhelmingly approved a new European Standard for evaluating (EVS 6) regarding the use of automated valuation models (Automated Valuation Models - АVМ).

A key message EVS 6 is that: "АVМ cannot be used to compile an evaluation report which meets the EMU, regardless of the evaluation process is based in particular on the inspection of the property by the appraiser and the judgment of the appraiser. Use АVМ is nothing more than a tool to facilitate the process of evaluation by the evaluator, for which he is responsible."
Assessment of cultural heritage objects in Ukraine. The problem of investment.
Smolnikova M. S.
Head of the valuation of cultural heritage of the group of companies "Uvekon"

Currently in Ukraine 1.4 thousand cities and towns and more than 8 thousand villages with precious cultural heritage. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the List of historical populated cities and urban-type settlements, which included 401 towns. On the state account is 51364 monuments of history, including the 142 - national importance; 16293 monuments of architecture, town-planning and Sadovo-Park art, including 3541 5926 national importance of monuments of monumental art, including 44 national significance.

About the company

We were the first on the market of appraisal services (1992), are developing dynamically and all the years occupy a leading position in the market.

For decades fruitful activities of the group of companies "UVECON" won the trust of more than 10 thousand clients, including major Ukrainian and foreign enterprises, banks, commercial and government organizations, and private persons.

Our team is headed by highly qualified professionals ready to provide a wide range of consultancy services for valuation services of property and property rights, investment and business planning, analytical research of real estate market, the work of land management.

Today the group of companies "UVECON" one of the first offers insurance consulting not only for physical and legal persons but also for insurance companies. We have enough experience to solve any issue in the insurance industry, ranging from consultations and training to creating and maintaining a successful insurance business on a "turnkey"!

Specialists group of companies "UVECON", having accumulated years of experience, offer services estimate consulting, which is a relatively new service in Ukraine. The client will receive full service with recommendations, including the evaluation of the object construction at all stages of readiness that will allow you to make an informed decision about construction in General, and to prevent any risks.

Our long experience and cooperation with leading research institutions: the Institute of Economics and forecasting of NAS of Ukraine, Institute of socio-economic development of the city, Institute a system for statistical studies, universal engineering study branches of business and Economics, which are used in the information, will allow Your order qualitatively and in a short time to perform a research or an analytical review of any market, branches of economy and business.