Automated Workplace "Analytics"

Automated Real Estate Analyst Workstation Service (Analytics Workstation) is a set of tools, filters, descriptions, and report generators that provide direct access to the Uvecon GIS database through the WEB interface of the Uvecon website and analytical work with them.

By entering a set of characteristics such as:

  • date or time period;
  • real estate segment;
  • dimension of real estate;
  • set of geographical parameters,

the user of the service can receive an array of advertisements for the sale or lease of real estate with current price and other indicators for the selected time.

View sample interface: Screenshot 1   Screenshot 2

The service allows you to view current ads directly on real estate sites using a saved link. In addition, the selected data set can be exported to an MS Excel file for further work with it.

Download the instruction on registration of users of the "Analytics" workstation service.

Use the service

For all questions on the operation of the tool, as well as for cooperation, please contact Korobko Alexander - partner for the development of the group of companies "Uvecon" by phone +38 (067) 217 ​​00 12, or by e-mail: