Automatic determination of the probable market value of the sale (rental) for an array of objects of real estate

Group of companies UVECON is proud to offer You a service "portfolio valuation" real estate provides automatic and any frequency determine the likely sales price (rent) for an array of objects of real estate.

This service is based on the use of a software tool for automatic determination of price parameters of array properties for a discrete date in retrospective or current period. Processing array data is by loading it into a GIS "UVECON" further geocoding each property and the calculation of the current value of the objects according to their segmentation, class, dimension and geographic location

Updating the calculated cost characteristics may be monthly or any other interval.

Visualization of raw data for direct users can be in the online mode via individual account at "UVECON" or by unloading and transfer e-mail file in the format defined by the customer.

I sincerely hope that this information will be useful to You!

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For all questions regarding the tool, as well as on cooperation, please contact Alexander Korobko - development partner of group of companies "UVECON" by phone +38(067) 217 12 00, or by e-mail: