Smolnikova Svetlana

Head of valuation of cultural heritage
Honored expert-appraiser Ukrainian society of appraisers.

Higher education, specialty "Mathematician". Experience in practical assessment activities 23.
Qualification certificate of an appraiser in all areas of property evaluation in material form, as well as evaluation of integral property complexes, shares, securities, property rights and intangible assets, including valuation of rights to objects of intellectual property.

Author and co-author of several books on assessment, including "Assessment of monuments of history, architecture and urban planning", "Crisis of 2008 – 20?? Tendencies of the Ukrainian real estate market. Realities and forecasts", "Ukrainian real estate Market 2009-2013", as well as articles on real estate market analysis, real estate appraisal.

Lectures on evaluation in the Information-consultation center of the Ukrainian society of appraisers and International Institute of Business (Ukraine) and Georgia.