Assessment of property and property rights

"UVECON" is one of the largest and most experienced networks of enterprises in the field of valuation and consulting in Ukraine with many years of practical experience on the assessment of state, communal and private property.

All enterprises of the group of companies "UVECON" are the subject of evaluation activities in accordance with the requirements of the law of Ukraine "On appraisal of the property, property rights and professional appraisal activity in Ukraine", which is confirmed by corresponding Certificates and Certificates of experts of the company, in particular:
  • certificates of subjects of estimated activity, issued by the state property Fund of Ukraine;
  • licenses to perform land surveying and evaluating works issued by the State Agency of land resources;
  • qualification certificates appraisers
  • certificates of advanced training of appraisers.
Leading specialists of companies "UVECON" have certificates of the International professional organization of real estate index and the European Association of Valuers TEGoVA, four employees of "UVECON" awarded the title "honored expert-appraiser" is the highest professional qualification in Ukraine and are members of the Expert Council of the Ukrainian society of appraisers.

Quality services for the assessment of property and property rights in the shortest possible time at competitive prices to companies of the group of companies "UVECON" due to:
  • a wide network of branches, representative offices and partner companies in the cities and regional centers of Ukraine. This allows the evaluation of assets of enterprises in all regions of our country;
  • applying companies of a unified methodology and format for the implementation and evaluation work subject to prior approval of the key points of cooperation individually with each customer;
  • multi-level quality control of work.
  • the principle of operation of companies "UVECON" involves several stages of verification of project materials that minimize the risks of incorrect valuation of assets that minimizes the risks of the subjective approach to the assessment and is a guarantee of high-quality evaluation work;
  • the efficiency of service delivery assessment through an established system of exchange of information and documents between the offices of the group of "UVECON" and partner companies in the regions;
  • effective communication system. "UVECON" provides electronic versions of reports to the Central office of the client and rapid response to all queries related to the assessment;
  • analytic support. Experts of the information-analytical center of the group of companies "UVECON" who constantly monitor the property market in major cities of Ukraine. Using the results of analytical research is the key to quality execution of works on assessment of property and property rights;
  • ensuring the confidentiality of information received from the Customer for a performance of work;
  • competitive prices. Basic rates and deadlines are agreed individually with each client and are fixed in the corresponding agreement.

The enterprises of the group of companies "UVECON" provide valuation services in all existing styles and specializations, namely: