Valuation of cultural heritage objects

Evaluation of cultural heritage "UVECON" pays attention for more than two decades. The first significant project was the evaluation of the 1997 buildings-monuments Starokievskaya quarter of the city.

This interesting work has inspired the creative team to write a textbook "Monuments of architecture as the object of evaluation", which was released in 1999. In November 2006 published a new publication – "Evaluation of monuments of history, architecture and urban planning".

Multiple participation in international and national conferences on evaluation and preservation of monuments allows speaking about a specific experience and achievements in this direction of assessment. Specialists of the group of companies participated in the development of a draft regulatory document "Methodology of monetary valuation of monuments" by the order of State Committee of construction, architecture and housing policy of Ukraine. Provisions of the draft document were the basis approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine the Methodology of monetary valuation of monuments.

Assessment of monument buildings, as listed in the State register of Ukraine and the newly revealed, is held in the following cases:

  • exclusion;
  • transfer of property, management;
  • lease;
  • for accounting purposes;
  • to pledge;
  • transfer to the authorized capital of economic societies;
  • insurance;
  • as well as in other cases stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

By order of the state and commercial enterprises, insurance companies and individuals "UVECON" evaluates immovable and movable objects of cultural value (works of fine and decorative art, sculptures, items of precious, semi-precious metals and stones, ceramics and porcelain, coins, etc.).

Today our experts have completed work on the assessment of more than 500 objects related to immovable monuments and over 1000 moving objects of cultural value.

Among the evaluated objects – monuments:

  • 47 buildings and structures of the National Kyiv-Pechersk historical and cultural reserve (estimated to reflect a particular value in the preparation of Passports of monuments);
  • buildings and structures of the National reserve "Sophia of Kyiv";
  • 75 units of small architectural forms and structures Alupka Palace and Park Museum-reserve;
  • the building complex of the Kiev - Pokrovsky convent;
  • buildings and structures of Shevchenko national reserve (Kanev, MD, Tarasova Hora);
  • buildings and facilities buildings and facilities of the State historical-memorial reserve "Field Berestetska battle";
  • the building of the Lesya Ukrainka Museum, the Museum-apartment of N. Staritskogo, the House-Museum of N. Lysenko, exhibition and lecture of the housing and administrative buildings of the Museum of eminent Ukrainian culture;
  • the castle of the Princes Czartoryski (1475) in the village. Klevan, Rivne region;
  • the building of the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin in S. Bilashiv Zdolbuniv district of Rivne region and the building of Holy Resurrection Church in the town of Ostrog, Rovno region;

Our Customers:

  • National Kyiv-Pechersk historical and cultural reserve;
  • National reserve "Sophia of Kyiv";
  • The Shevchenko national reserve (Kaniv)
  • Alupka Palace and Park Museum-reserve;
  • Scientific research Institute of monument protection studies;
  • State historical-memorial reserve "Field Berestetska battle";
  • The Museum of eminent Ukrainian culture;
  • The Directorate of construction and architecture of Rivne regional state administration;
  • The management of protection of cultural monuments and historical environment of Kyiv city state administration.

Head of valuation of cultural heritage - Svetlana Smolnikova.