Society Of Independent Appraisers Of The Republic Of Moldova

Public Association "Society of Independent Appraisers of the Republic of Moldova" (RM SEI) was created to actively participate in the regulation of activities of professional participants of the market valuation of the property of the Republic of Moldova.

The main objectives of the Association:
  • active participation in development of draft legal and normative acts in the field of property valuation;
  • improvement of regulation of estimated activity;
  • the development of National standards of assessment;
  • consolidation of the public bodies of the state control regulating appraisal activities and associations of appraisers.

The Association SEI RM provides to its members:
  • information support;
  • protection of professional activities;
  • methodological and consultative support;
  • assistance in obtaining a portfolio of orders;
  • examination reports;
  • representation of interests of the members in bodies of state and local authorities.