Overview of the Ukrainian real estate market for the month: May 2022

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Economy branch: Real estate
Kind: Market research
Preparing date: June 2022
Page number: 23
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Language: Ukrainian
Your attention is invited to the review of the status of the real estate market of Ukraine in May 2022.

The report contains data on the price indices for the transactions of sale, lease of residential and commercial real estate for the month, as well as the dynamics of prices in the current year. Information about the cost per square meter is presented in local currency and U.S. dollars. Aggregation of indicators carried out in Ukraine in General and in the context of its regions.

Price analysis of offers is performed on the basis of GIS "UVECON". The report provides the offer price, which may differ from the actual transaction price in the big or smaller party.

Information is freely available, registration on the portal is not required.

More information about the state of real estate market dynamics, in the context of historical periods and territorial-administrative division of Ukraine, data on the size of the coefficients of bargaining and the capitalization rate, the exposure time and the number of transactions of selling, renting real estate, you can get through the use of the service is an Interactive report "the state of the real estate market of Ukraine according to the GIS "UVECON".