Strahovi consulting

Group of companies "UVECON", one of the first offers insurance consulting not only for physical and legal persons but also for insurance companies.

At present, insurance really is the most convenient and common tool for protection from the impact of any risks upon the occurrence of unforeseen and adverse events, and guarantees to the insured the indemnity.

But the key guarantee is the deep knowledge of the market of insurance services and conditions of their granting, the risk analysis of the business environment, legal basis. Because sometimes the neglect of this leads to a lack of guarantee payments or their reduction and delay in time.

Our qualified experts taking care of our customers and the experience to offer comprehensive care:

  • the insurance we offer a product that will meet Your requirements and needs and will accompany You during the whole period;
  • upon the occurrence of the insured event, we will provide control over the stages of compensation and before the receipt of the payment;
  • when arbitrary denial of insurance benefit – full range of legal services to recovering damages.

Understanding the complexity of business and sometimes the unpredictability of economic processes in the country, for legal entities of any form of ownership, in addition:

  • will diagnose and the activities of the enterprise to identify risks and their probability of occurrence, the magnitude, and size of possible losses;
  • and offer effective complex protection of business from exposure to various risks through insurance;
  • will do a full monitoring of the insurance contracts with the aim of identifying their strengths and weaknesses in terms of market price policy;
  • we will also consult on insurance issues, how the company and employees.

For existing insurance companies offer a range of evaluation activities, developed by specialists of the group of companies "UVECON" for the optimization and diversification of business, namely:

  • development of anti-crisis solutions for the insurance company;
  • analysis of financial indicators, including insurance portfolios, reserves, the loss ratio of the insurance company;
  • survey and risk assessment at the time of insurance;
  • the determination of the probable damage as a result of the insured event;
  • valuation of property and other assets;
  • pre-trial settlement of insurance compensation;
  • litigation support subrogation cases;
  • constant consulting support.

If You want to start insurance business, we can help You:

  • to prepare a full package of documents for registration of insurance companies and obtaining licenses (Natskomfinuslug, MTIBU);
  • to develop a business plan or to analyze in detail is ready;
  • to create an effective IT infrastructure for a future company;
  • legal support at all stages;
  • to organize training and seminars for employees of the company.

Without exaggeration, we currently have enough experience to solve any issue in the insurance industry, ranging from consultations and training to creating and maintaining a successful insurance business on a "turnkey"!

Will help You become Successful!

Head of insurance consulting - Oleg Vovchenko.