Згода на обробку персональних даних

Consent to the processing of personal data

1. The user of the web site https://www.uvecon.ua/ (the "Site") acts in person, on his behalf, voluntarily and independently. The Website user assumes all liability risks and impacts associated with possible participation in the offers posted on the Website.

2. The user of the Website agrees to process his personal data according to the Law of Ukraine "On personal data protection" from 01.06.2010 g № 2297-VI and on the terms specified below.

3.Taking offers on the Website, and filling in the registration form on the Website, each User of the Website indicates and confirms that you have read and fully agree to the terms set forth in this Agreement, agrees to comply with them that is familiar with the rights of personal data concerning him, as well as the fact that voluntary provision of personal data is the consent to their processing by the Administration of the Site at its discretion in any way with marketing and / or any other purpose not contradicting the legislation of Ukraine (conducting marketing research, preparation of statistical information).

4. Participating in the offers posted on the Website, and filling in the registration form on the Website, each user of the Site acknowledges that it is aware of the rights of personal data concerning him, and this confirms that the administration of the Site and other third parties exempted from the obligation to provide the Website User a written notice of rights, purpose of data collection and persons to whom personal data is passed to the User of the Site.

5. By accepting this Agreement, User agrees to receive information related to current offers on the Website. The Site administration reserves the right to send users of the Website any information by email to the email address specified by the User in the registration form, without prior agreement with the User of the Website.

6. The Website user as the data subject has the right:
  • to receive information about the location of the Site Administration as the owner / administrator of personal data;
  • to demand from the Administration of the Website as the owner / administrator of personal data to Refine their personal data;
  • apply the statutory remedies in case of violation of legislation on protection of personal data.

7. Personal data processing can be carried out by the Administration on its own or can be transferred to other operators on the condition of confidentiality.

8. The User's personal data of the Website stored in the database to their opinion upon written request by the User of the Website. In case of withdrawal of consent to the processing of personal data, the Website User is not allowed to further participate in the existing proposals for the Site.

9. Website administration is not responsible for personal data protection against unlawful or accidental access, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, distribution of personal data, as well as other illegal actions of third parties. as the Website Administration is not responsible for violations of the rights of third parties as a result of User action at the location of such personal data.