Analyst of real estate market of Ukraine

The information-analytical center of research of the real estate market was created in 2007 in the structure of the Group of companies "UVECON" for permanent monitoring, analysis and illumination of the dynamics of the real estate market of Ukraine.
  • A quarterly study of real estate market of Ukraine in the context of regions and cities contains the analysis of the price situation in all segments of the urban real estate market of Ukraine as of the current quarter of the reporting year, the market prices and level of rents, the price dynamics of the retrospective period, short-term forecasts for the next fiscal quarter;
  • detailed studies of particular customer segments of the real estate market of cities and regions of Ukraine;
  • the research activity of the real estate market, the number of transactions on the alienation of property rights (in progress). Analysis of the existing supply and demand;
  • analysis of the macroeconomic situation and factors influencing the real estate market;
  • analysis of current legislation on the real estate market. Reviews of changes and additions to the legislative framework in the field of real estate;
  • determine the most effective options for the management of real estate;
  • the calculation of the coefficients of price changes for the mass of the evaluation of collateral;
  • the calculation of the probable market value of Customer objects by the ratio of market prices;
  • the calculation of the recommended market value of the Customer's objects for sale, due to the timing of exposure and the basic characteristics of objects;
  • analysis of conformity with the market prices of the cost of objects of the customer;
  • conduct comprehensive marketing research of the real estate market of Ukraine. Compilation of long-term forecasts;
  • the study segments the construction, making long-term forecasts, analysis of investment attractiveness of the segments;
  • other individual studies on the request of the Customer.
In the framework of the Analytical center established a nationwide uniform system for the collection, analysis, search and visualization of the price indices of real estate market of Ukraine.

This product is an interactive business platform for participants of the real estate market, which allows the Customer to work with databases and analysis results online. The uniqueness of this project is its scale (the database covers the whole territory of Ukraine), regular updating of the database, the possibility of retrospective data analysis in real-time.
Regular monitoring of all segments of the property market carried out by experts of the Information-analytical center gives you the opportunity to see a picture of the real estate market as a whole and to watch the changing trends.
Monthly sampling for the formation of a statistical database consists of over 1.5 million objects in the whole of Ukraine.
All the components of the information base used for statistical processing and subsequent conclusions are selected and tested by specialists of the representative offices and partner companies working directly in the studied regions and cities.
In our work we use methods of statistical observation, interviewing, and causal analysis and mathematical and statistical modeling.
Regardless of the size and complexity of each job our customers personally, we consider mandatory the preparation and coordination of technical tasks. That is why among the clients of the Analytical center of the group of companies "UVECON" leading Ukrainian banks, investment, consulting and appraisal company.
Depending on customer needs, proposed the formation of reports is printed, on electronic media, email newsletter, online access.
We guarantee efficient performance and a high professional level of the solution of the task based on years of experience in the consulting services market of Ukraine.