is an interactive tool by which aggregated information database geographic information system "information" about the average value of the property and its median value by segments, types, and square layers, 4 scale levels displayed on the map of Ukraine, which in turn are divided into administrative-territorial units and polygons whose boundaries are determined by the characteristics historically, the type of building, or on price indications.

Certainly, the aggregation of the information on price indices of real estate market in the territorial division by administrative area or typical zone pricing involves a very integrated and, accordingly, a very average and sometimes very erroneous values. In order to clarify indicators, narrowing the allowable range and, consequently, the statistical error is the territory of Ukraine was divided in more than 12 700 territorial units (polygons), of which polygons to aggregate indicators value of real estate outside the cities - the regional centers have become the area delineated by the borders of rural councils, to their Association in the "community", and inside the cities - the regional centers define the boundaries of the "neighborhoods" was held on the grounds historically, the type of building, or at a price. For example, the city of Kiev is divided into 376 "neighborhoods" of Kharkiv in 257, Cherkasy 54 and T. I.

The primary carrier of information on "Geoportal" there's a map of Ukraine into 4 scale levels, where each territorial unit shaded in yellow or brown tones which are determined depending on the size of the value, a reflection of where they are. The matching numeric value is reflected in the "legend" and can be "different" for each scale level, or selected to reflect the index.

The functionality of the card provides for its projection in a 3D mode and in full-screen mode. By entering the desired address into the search bar you can quickly switch to displaying the data on the range that includes the object of the search.

Manage data displayed on the map, through a filter located above it.
The tool provides:

  • the choice of the time period to generate and display the aggregated data;
  • select the desired for display and analysis of the indicator;
  • the choice of a transaction (sale/rent) real estate;
  • select the segment, type, and size of the property;

The inclusion of the filter is performed after pressing the "Show" button. Just as at the selected date the user section "Geoportal" gets access immediately to 430 indicators.

In addition, "Geoportal" offers you to use functions of performance comparisons for 2 and more selected polygons. The choice of even a single polygon allows the user to receive a short report about the main characteristics of the selected or chosen units, and export it to print.

To facilitate working with the "Geoportal" for the attention of the user "Helper" that can be accessed via the appropriate icon at the bottom of the screen. The window "Assistant" can be open during the entire period of work with the geoportal, in addition, for a comfortable overview of the map and it can be moved anywhere on the screen.

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