Happy Independence Day Ukraine!

Привітання Шалаєва з Днем НезалежностіA solemn meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine (ACC) dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Ukraine's independence was held recently. The solemn meeting was attended by representatives of national and foreign companies from various sectors of the Ukrainian economy, as well as invited guests from a number of related international organizations. Volodymyr Shalayev, General Director of Uvecon Group of Companies, was also present at the solemn meeting of ACC.

Independence Day is an outstanding national holiday for all Ukrainians living in our homeland and abroad. Independence Day is the birthday of our statehood, it is the day of remembrance of our ancestors who fought for the independence of Ukraine, it is an important day of strategic decisions and care for tomorrow with all the responsibility to history and future generations.

З днем незалежності України
In 2021, we celebrate the anniversary - 30 years since Ukraine restored its independence and began independent movements on the world stage. At first these were insignificant and uncertain steps, but every year our homeland gained authority and international recognition. These steps were not always easy and firm. There were difficulties and sacrifices that our compatriots brought to assert the sovereignty of our mother-Ukraine. And today our state defends its right to make independent decisions on the battlefield, in competitive economic and financial confrontation, as well as in the global information space.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Ukraine's independence, Volodymyr Shalayev joins in the congratulations and wishes all compatriots success and good health, peace, family happiness, peace, prosperity, mutual understanding and harmony. May our homeland no longer face difficulties and difficult times, may our enemies and envious people perish.

May the clear sun always shine and warm us, and may there always be peace on our earth. I wish to work fruitfully for the benefit of our mother-Ukraine. May your families always be united, the tables full, the holidays cheerful, the neighbors sensitive, and the friends sincere! economic and financial confrontation, as well as in the global information space.

Happy holiday to you!