Interactive report "the real estate Market of Ukraine"

The study of the real estate market are "UVECON" on a regular basis since 2007. Starting in 2017 to meet the current needs of the market by group of companies "UVECON" embedded "Geoinformation system of collection, analysis and visualization of the price indices of real estate market of Ukraine".

Capacity database of the GIS "UVECON" and its dynamic nature, allowing for the implementation of any tools for market analysis and monitoring, application to solving of professional tasks, namely the provision of real data on the state of the real estate market.

Interactive report "the state of the real estate market of Ukraine according to the GIS "UVECON" is a tool for end-to-end Analytics reflecting data on quantitative and cost indicators of the real estate market, information about the coefficients of bargaining, and the exposure time, the number of transactions according to the Ministry of justice of Ukraine and data on the activity of the mortgage market.

All information can be reflected by the segments, ptsegdist market, the dimensions of the real estate.

Aggregation and grouping of data is carried out in 4 scale levels of territorial division of Ukraine, namely: regions, administrative districts, settlements, rural councils, districts cities.

For analysis and comparison of the data can be selected any period of time beginning in October 2017. Update report data on a monthly basis in automatic mode.

The report can be printed or exported to pdf and Excel.

The main goal of our researches is to provide the consumers with quality and rich product information and analysis of the real estate market of Ukraine.

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For all questions regarding the tool, as well as on cooperation, please contact Alexander Korobko - development partner of group of companies "UVECON" by phone +38(067) 217 12 00, or by e-mail: