Investment and business planning

Business planning is the norm in entrepreneurial activity, and it helps in making decisions that lead to the success of any business. The business plan provides an objective assessment of the possibilities of product development, price, shows the main financial and economic results of the company, points to possible risks and helps to find the ways of avoiding them.

The business plan can be taken as an objective assessment of its own business activities, and at the same time as a new tool for investment decision-making.

Uvecon consultants are ready to offer their services in the field of business consulting both for start-ups and for existing companies.

Advantages of Uvekon Business Plans.

The effectiveness of our work is determined by the extensive experience in business valuation that we use in business planning, which is our competitive advantage. First of all, this relates to a qualitative detailed approach in the assessment of components - risk premiums in determining the discount rates, analysis of the potential and prospects of various fields of activity, a large base of comparison of the profitability of existing companies, the processing of possible threats and benefits of business based on actual market data, which, as a rule, does not exist in other business development company companies.

The strength of our company is a comprehensive and professional approach, and each component of the business plan is being processed by profile specialists:

  • plan of construction and capital investments - construction specialists, cost estimators;
  • marketing plan - marketers and industry experts;
  • organizational and financial plan - financiers and appraisers of business.

If necessary, we support the Project from the moment of signing the agreement to the decision on financing and the beginning of capital investments.

Business plan development is required in the following cases:

  • opening a new business (private business);
  • bringing to market a new product or service;
  • expansion of the sphere of activity of the company, organization of a new direction.
Planning objectives can be:
  • internal (mainly as a management tool);
  • external (for attracting investment or credit financing).
Mandatory business plan components.
The structure of business plans may vary, depending on the purpose and type of document. The quality of the requirements for plans by Uvekon, primarily for attracting investment or financing, include:
  • An executive summary is a brief overview of the business concept, key business plan objectives, ownership structure, management group, product or service, target market, competitive advantage, marketing strategy and summary of financial forecasts. Each paragraph of the summary corresponds to a more detailed section of the business plan.
  • Business Overview (Business Overview) - Information about history, vision and business mission, ownership structure.
  • Product and Services Description - Description of the properties and characteristics of a new product or service, their differences from competitors.
  • Market, Industry overview, which analyzes the target market, competitors, reliable market share, SWOT analysis. If necessary, we will organize field marketing research, timekeeping.
  • Marketing Strategy - A description of how a company plans to sell a product or service (4P promotion tools, promotion, and sales tactics, marketing plan).
  • Operations Plan - the profile of the management team of the startup or direct, the plan of personnel resources, the organization of sites and objects of business, a description of the technology, a production plan and a review of daily operations, also a plan of work and staffing is drawn up.
  • Financial plan - development of the budget of incomes and expenses, the statement of cash flows, if necessary - the forecast balance to understand how the effectiveness of using the company's funds from investing during a certain period, as well as to determine current and future needs in investing, their influence on the growth of financial results of the business, taking into account planned expenses for financing.
  • Analysis of indicators of investment attractiveness (Investment analysis), including calculation of the income required for the investor. The risks in qualitative and value terms are analyzed. There is a picture of the project's effectiveness by coefficients and indicators (NPV, IRR, profitability index, payback period, etc.).
  • Summary (Review) - a conclusion that brings together all sections and generates a final, well-balanced assessment of the effectiveness and risks of the project.

Only the minimum components for the business plan are listed, depending on the project goals, their volume may vary. For example, for public finance projects, the business plan usually includes analysis of budget and cost-effectiveness, socio-economic implications of a business plan, environmental protection plan, etc.

A well-developed business plan prepared by Uvekon tends to be 200-250 pages and contains about 70 tables, 50 charts, and drawings.

The business plan can be prepared in Ukrainian, Russian and English. With an example of a business plan, you can get acquainted here.
Each business plan prepared by Uvekon, in addition to the application itself, if necessary, includes an effective presentation for investors (lenders) in pdf or pptx format. With an example of an expanded presentation, business ideas for making managerial decisions can be found here.

Drawing up of business plans are regulated by:
  • standards, techniques, and recommendations of UNIDO;
  • methodical recommendations for the development of a business plan for enterprises (Order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated September 6, 2006, No. 290);
  • methodical recommendations for the development of business plans of investment projects (Order of the State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Development dated 31.08.2010 N 73).
The listed sources are the methodological basis for drawing up business plans in Ukraine, and other standards (EBRD, KPMG, etc.) may also be used in the analysis of the investment project.

By ordering a business plan, you will receive an investment document that will fully comply with accepted international and domestic standards and take into account your wishes.