The use of a comparative approach in the practice of assessment typically yields the most objective value of market value of real estate.

However, the possibility of implementing the comparative approach depends on the availability of sufficient information on the sale/offer sale of real estate, a similar estimate. But, this approach is useful for properties for which there is sufficient reliable information about recently committed transactions of purchase and sale.

Basically, the selection of analogues and the amendment of valuers are guided by professional experience and intuition, which is obviously subjective approach. Therefore, the use of modern statistical methods for processing and analysis of data used for matching can reduce the influence of subjectivity of the evaluator.

For tasks associated with the processing and analysis of statistical information, applies a powerful and flexible Arsenal of methods of mathematical statistics. These methods allow to identify patterns amid randomness, to make reasonable conclusions and predictions, evaluating probabilities of their implementation or non-implementation. Recently statistical methods, in particular, methods of correlation and regression analysis, are becoming more widely used in valuation practice.

It is on correlation and regression modeling, which involves the construction of models describing the dependence of the value of the property from the pricing characteristics based algorithm processing the GIS information "UVECON".

Build a reliable econometric model for the application of comparative approach in the assessment of properties can only be achieved if there is a significant array of market data.

The technology of collecting and processing market information, applied in a GIS "UVECON provides a number of objective indicators, and, based on them, to make reasoned judgments about the possible limit of the interval, which may be the result of market value.

Amounts accumulated in geographic information system information about the cost of offers (public offers) real estate listings taken from the open sources (publications, official websites and the like), enable the application of multivariate regression analysis and provide not only the importance of the regression equation as a whole, but also each of the regression coefficients, that is, each pricing factor, the total value of which affects the formation of the value of the property.

In addition, long-term cooperation of the group of companies "UVECON" with the Association of realtors of Ukraine (ASNU) provided the opportunity to create and use multilisting system (TLS) based on accumulated ASNU information on characteristics and price parameters of actual transactions of purchase and sale of real estate. In turn, this gave the opportunity by applying the tools geostatistical modeling for GIS databases "UVECON" and data ASNU, to count the sizes of the coefficients "amendments to the trade" for each regional center and regions of Ukraine.

Continued collaboration "UVECON" with ASNU and accumulating the MLS will continue actualsource and clarify the value of the coefficient as on a territorial basis and other characteristics of the property.