"Ratio trade"

The cell "Ratio trade" - value ratio represents the amount of correction for the reduction of cost of analogous objects stated in the announcement to the market.

The coefficient calculated from the database of the GIS "UVECON" and data from the Association of Realtors of Ukraine real sales. Cooperation of the group of companies "UVECON" with the Association of Realtors of Ukraine (ASNU) provided the opportunity to create and use multi-listing system (TLS) based on accumulated ASNU information on characteristics and price parameters of actual transactions of purchase and sale of real estate. In turn, this gave the opportunity by applying the tools geostatistical modeling for GIS databases "UVECON" and data ASNU, to count the sizes of the coefficients "amendments to the trade" for each regional center and regions of Ukraine. The factor is applied automatically and takes part in calculating the total correction factor depending on the geographical location of objects of an estimation and analogs.

Further, the cooperation of organizations and the accumulation of data in GIS "UVECON" and TLS will allow for more detailed calculations, determine and apply the ratio of cost of supply and actual sales in the segments and property types, geographic areas and time periods.