Evaluation of architectural monuments of National historical memorial reserve "Field of Berestechko battle".

The evaluation of monuments of National historical memorial reserve "Field of Berestechko battle" – the Church of Archangel Michael (St. Michael Church) (XVII century) and the Church of SV. George (George Church) (beg. of XX centuries).

Museum-reserve "Field Berestetska battle" is located on the island of Zhuravlykha that near the village of Plyasheva Radivilivskogo district of Rivne region. It is here in the turbulent years of the liberation war of Ukrainian people under the leadership of Hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky in 1651 was one of the significant battles in the history of Ukraine against the enslavement of Gentry, known as Berestetskaya battle.

In the progress of the work was the analysis of the materials of the passport of the evaluated monuments, in particular, information from the history, the architecture, rearrangements of possible losses and other important sources to be considered in determining the value of the evaluated objects.

The work was carried out with consulting support of experts of Scientific research Institute of monument protection studies.

In determining the cost of assessment cost applied methodological approach, subject to the provisions of the Methodology of monetary valuation of monuments and National property appraisal standards. Also used in the work practical experience of experts of the company "UVECON" is described in the manual "Assessment of monuments of history, architecture and urban planning" (Klimenko I. M., Smolnikova S. M., Kyiv: Artek, 2006. - 264 pages).