Calculator estimator

"Calculator estimator"
- built in the software environment of geoinformation system "UVECON" tool, the purpose of the introduction and use of which is to assist the user of the system by entering a set of data about the condition of the property promptly obtain information on the likely market value of this facility as of the date of the request. The base of application of the method and source of information for the selection of these properties is an array of data, aggregated, accumulated, structured and Waldman means geographic information system "UVECON". Updating is carried out not less often than once a month.

Automatic calculation of the likely market value applicable to residential real estate, namely of apartments in an apartment building and houses with a plot. In addition, the functionality of the tool provides for the implementation of intelligent search and selection of analogs for commercial properties and plots of land and their subsequent ranking based on similarity criteria: geographical location, relation to a certain standard group of properties and dimensions.

Work with a calculator available on prior registration of users of the corporate website of the group of companies "UVECON" and is carried out through the electronic user's personal account. Each registered user receives the right to create 3 (three) new projects (assessments) in the demo (free) mode. To be eligible for continuation of work with the "Calculator estimator" should refer to the menu of the Cabinet, "Finance" and select one of the offered tariff packages.

We offer cooperation in the following tariff packages:

1st package: includes 1 project (1 rating). The cost is 100 UAH.
2nd package: 20 projects. The price is 1700 UAH.
3rd package: 50 projects. Price – 3500 UAH.

The validity of the packages – 3 calendar months. After the expiration of the number of unused projects canceled. To purchase a right of access to the instrument is possible via the menu item "finances", by selecting a specific package and payment with use of payment cards via a built-in interface of the payment system "Wallet".

Features of work with "Calculator...", innovations and changes in its functionality are covered in the menu section "Knowledge Base" and in sections on the page of the Internet, social networks and on the channel YouTube.

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For all questions regarding the calculator, and on cooperation on specific agreements that provide for the application of calculations through the Bank accounts of legal entities, please contact Alexander Korobko - development partner of a group of companies "UVECON" by phone +38(067) 217 12 00, or by e-mail: